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We clean in public areas such as stairwells, inside and outside of apartment and office complexes. We also take care of the cleaning of newly rented houses and apartments.

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Our activities

It is important to know what cleaning is and what the work program provides. The work is carried out on the basis of an agreed work schedule with a pre-agreed frequency. Our cleaners come for what we call 'daily pollution' such as:

  • Contamination on a floor
  • Fingerprints on a doorbell panel
  • Fingerprints on the elevator control panel
  • Stains on mirrors
  • Leaves in the (basement) corridor
  • Litter in the garage

Additional work

Are there activities that you would like to see regularly that are not included in the regular cleaning program? You can also call on Janssen Wiersma Group for this. For example:

  • Stains in the carpet
  • Stains on hard floors that cannot be removed within our regular cleaning program
  • Feces in certain areas
  • Stains on stairs/floors due to, for example, a leaking waste bag
  • Bulky waste in the complex
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Would you like more information or a quote for cleaning in your building?

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